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London in a nutshell – "An Instant Introduction"

This is London of picture postcards, film sets, and history books. It is a combination of a panoramic drive with photo stops at key landmarks. We follow the best itinerary to show you all the world-famous attractions: Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Further highlights include: Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall, 10 Downing Street, London Eye. It is a wonderful introduction to London for first time visitors, and for people who don`t have much time, but still intend to see as much as possible.

Hidden London

London has more than its fair share of must-sees and instantly recognizable landmarks. But hidden away from the busy main roads you will find a secret city of narrow alleyways, hidden courtyards and ancient buildings all of which are cobwebbed by time. Throw off the crowds and get to know an unfamiliar, but intriguing side of London. On this unique tour we go off the beaten track and venture into the streets of hidden London. Ideal for visitors who wish to see something different from the top attractions.

Royal London – "From the Prince Regent to Prince Harry"

This day is about kings and queens, princes and princesses. Apart from seeing the most prominent royal landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, home to the British Crown Jewels. We will hear about where Prince Harry goes out, and where Kate likes to shop, dine or socialize. We will discover secrets about former royal dynasties: find out which Queen introduced the tradition of the Afternoon Tea to England, why did King Henry VIII. execute even 2 of his 6 wives and why was Queen Victoria mourning for 40 years.

London By Night – "The Night Time View"

Make your night extra special by discovering the city while it is wonderfully lit up against the night sky. You might have visited London during day time, but at night it will surprise you with a very different experience. See the vivid colours of Piccadilly Circus, "London`s Time Square" and the famous Harrods lit up by 11.000 light bulbs. Cross the unique Tower Bridge and enjoy a photo stop by London's most photographed evening landmark, London Eye, illuminated in red. Finally, enjoy a short stroll around China Town or Soho, the capital`s favourite nightlife spots.

London Pub Tour: The Tavern Trail

It is pub time, so we will explore several of London's best watering holes. The "Public House" is a quintessentially British institution and all Englishman have their own favourite "local" as they call it. Some are historical, others elegant or feature an unexpectedly surprising interior. You will be introduced to "pub etiquette" and find out about the countless different types of beer. Enjoy a pint of Real Ale in the first pub, a pint of Guinness in the second and a Cider in the third. Soak up the casual pub atmosphere and the friendliness of the local people.

Literary London

Lovers of literature attention! From Chaucer to Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare to Virginia Woolf and T.S. Eliot, London has provided inspiration and home to some of the English language's greatest writers. Follow in their illustrious footsteps on this interesting tour around Bohemian Bloomsbury and the City of London. Hear about Oscar Wild who at the height of his fame was amusing and outraging Victorian society, see Dr. Johnson's House who composed the first English dictionary and "meet" mad, bad and dangerous to know Lord Byron. A special, literary themed pub tour is also available on request!


Any interior visit to main sites can be included in a private driver guided tour and combined with transfers, visits to pubs or museums.

Tower of London – "Home of The Crown Jewels"

Immerse yourself in 1000 years history in the famous Tower of London, Europe's best preserved medieval fortress. See the invaluable collection of the British Crown Jewels and get a good insight into the darkest chapters of English history: the War of the Roses and the mysterious disappearance of the "Princes of the Tower". Hear about thrilling ghost stories, see the infamous Traitors Gate and the terrifying scaffold site. Have your photo taken with the Beefeaters, the traditional guards of the Tower, and find out more about the legendary Ravens.

Westminster Abbey – "The Royal Coronation Church"

Discover Westminster Abbey, the royal coronation church and final resting place of many English monarchs. It is also the stage of fabulous royal weddings - most recently of the marriage ceremony of "Kate & William". See the famous Poet`s Corner, have a look at the 750 years old Coronation Chair, and marvel at the wonderful Henry VII Chapel, masterpiece of English Gothic architecture. The past here is cast in stone. Please note, Westminster Abbey only allows group visits guided by an official London "Blue Badge" Guide. Maximum group size is 30 people.

St Paul's Cathedral –"Christopher Wren Masterpiece

The "nation`s cathedral" has been essential part of London`s skyline for over 300 years. The current building was erected after the devastating "Great Fire of London" of 1666. During our visit we admire the cathedral`s baroque architecture unique to England and marvel at the huge, 68,000 tonnes dome structure. We pay our respect by the sarcophagus of the two national heroes: Admiral Nelson and the Duke of Wellington, both victors against Bonaparte Napoleon. Those who have enough energy can even climb up to the famous "Whispering Gallery".


Any interior visit to museums or galleries can be included in a private driver guided tour, combined with transfers, visits to pubs or any other attractions.

British Museum

See the world "under one roof" in the British Museum. More than 10 million objects from every corner of the planet are awaiting you: the Rosetta Stone from Egypt, the Royal Lion Hunt Reliefs from Babylon, the Parthenon Sculptures from ancient Greece, the Enlightenment Gallery, the 4,500 year old natural mummy of "Ginger". The "Sutton Hoo Treasure" from Anglo-Saxon England or the famous Lewis Chessmen from the Scottish Islands and much more. It is quite easy to "get lost" among the millions of exhibits, so an interesting guided tour is the best choice in order to see it all.

National Gallery – "Home of Western Masterpieces"

The display of the National Gallery on London's Trafalgar Square spans over 700 years of European art history including works of the most famous Italian, Dutch and Spanish masters such as Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael, Titian, Rembrandt or Rubens. To get a great overview join me for a Highlights Tour. For art lovers I offer in depth specialist tours such as Britain's History in Paintings / the Mythology in European Painting / or Discover the Impressionists. Animal Painting Tours are extremely popular among families.

Tate Modern

Visit London`s famous gallery of modern and contemporary art. See world-class works by Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Rothko, Jackson Pollock and many more. The museum is housed in the former power station on the banks of the Thames, masterminded by the same architect who also designed the UK's iconic red telephone boxes. It has been a massive success since its opening in 2000. Modern art can be sometimes confusing, so in order to get the most out of your visit, take a guided tour with a "Blue Badge" Guide and get a good overview of those confusing "isms": 'Expressionism', 'Cubism', 'Surrealism', 'Futurism' etc.

Victoria & Albert Museum – "Temple of Art"

The V&A boasts the world's richest collections of decorative and applied arts spanning 5,000 years of art history from the antiquity to the present day. It embraces almost all artistic genres: ceramics, glass, textiles, costumes, sculptures. Depending on your interest choose from the following options: General Highlights Tour / Eastern Treasures Tour (A wander through the art of China, Japan, Korea and South Asia), British Galleries (The development of British interior design from the Tudor era until the 19th century) Fashion Tour of the V&A (The colourful word of design and jewels).

Natural History Museum – "The Temple of Nature"

Come and explore the wonders of the natural word in London's 'Museum Mile'. The building of the museum in itself is an architectural masterpiece. Among 75 million exhibits, the main attractions are of course the dinosaurs. Upon entering we are greeted by a 26 m long Diplodocus. See the 200 million years old fossils of marine reptiles once dominating the sea around Britain, the T-Rex Session, the creepy crawlies and try the active volcano model and the earthquake machine. In the geological department marvel at colourful gemstones, rare meteors and even at stardust.

London walking tours


Harry Potter's Magical World

Witches, Wizards and Muggles, prepare yourself to enjoy a magical tour around the Harry Potter film locations dotted across London and learn about the capital's rich muggle and wizarding history. See Gringotts Bank, cross over the Knight Bus bridge, walk the avenue of the magical Diagon Alley to Leaky Cauldron. Have a photo taken outside the Third Hand Book Emporium, cross the bridge which was destroyed by Death Eaters and follow Harry's complete flight along the River Thames on his broomstick. Take pictures by the famous Platform 9 3/4, gateway to the magic world and spot where Harry and Ron stole the flying car.

Maritime Greenwich

London's riverside village of Greenwich is famous for its naval past and maritime connections, which managed to retain its original charm until today. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the place where the Eastern and Western hemisphere meets by the famous Prime meridian. We discover the most important attractions of Greenwich as The Royal Observatory, The National Maritime Museum or Sir Christopher Wren's Royal Naval College. See the famous Cutty Shark, which used to be the fastest tea clipper in its heyday. We will stroll alongside the River Thames what's more under it...

City of London – "The Famous Square Mile"

Today the City is the financial capital of the UK and one of the largest business and financial districts of the world. Our tour covers St Paul`s Cathedral, Europe`s second largest religious building, The Bank of England, where the country`s gold reserve is safeguarded, the Monument designed by Sir Christopher Wren to commemorate the Great Fire of London. The ultramodern City skyscrapers representing the modern style of the new millennium, such as Sir Norman Foster`s Gherkin, the "Cheese Grater" or the "Walkie Talkie".