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We are happy to advise you on itineraries for day trips. Windsor-Stonehenge, Oxford and the Cotswolds or Canterbury and Leeds Castle are great combinations. We do not recommend 3 destinations in an out of London day tour.

Windsor Castle: "The favourite residence of Her Majesty The Queen"

It is the oldest working castle in the world with over 900 years of royal history. In fact, it is a palace within a castle, dominating the medieval town of Windsor. Marvel at the state apartments decorated with unique pieces of the Royal Collection; see Queen Mary's Doll House, probably the most famous doll house of the world. Explore St. George's Chapel, one of the finest examples of English Gothic and spiritual home of the Order of the Garter. It is also the final resting place of the infamous King Henry VIII and Her Majesty's parents and sister.

Hampton Court – "Henry VIII's Pleasure Palace"

Walk in the footsteps of the notorious King Henry VIII by exploring his favourite riverside residence. The interior`s lavish decoration with fabulous furnishings, tapestries and paintings will impress any visitor. Experience the sights and smells of the vast Tudor "food factory" built to feed Henry's court providing meals for 600 people, twice a day. Hampton Court also features the oldest, still existing "real tennis court", the world's largest grapevine (Guinness World Records) & one of the best gardens in England. Watch out not to lose yourself in the famous maze, where not even your guide could find you.

Cotswolds – "English Countryside at its Best"

Depart for a day trip to the delightful Cotswold region to experience "Merry Old England". This landscape is dominated by gently rolling hills, deep green valleys, hidden villages and bustling market towns. Let me take you far from the beaten track and introduce you to the Cotswold's rich folklore, historical heritage and unique traditions. Cheese-rolling, river football, wool churches and Morris dancing are just a few. Don't forget your cameras to catch great shots of the prettiest thatched roofed cottages of England!

Oxford – "The Oldest University of England"

The tour to Oxford, "city of the dreaming spires", will amaze you with its ancient colleges, cloisters and quads, libraries, bridges, gardens and narrow cobbled streets. For an afternoon we feel that the time has stopped. Our stroll around the city includes the University Library, the Sheldonian Theatre, the Bridge of Sights of Oxford and much more. Meet famous Oxfordians, well known scholars, witty wits and celebrated eccentrics; characters from Alice in Wonderland and Inspector Morse. Harry Potter fans can enjoy an insight into the magical world of the fictional young wizard as some remarkable scenes from the movie are associated with Oxford.

Cambridge – "Centre of Academic Excellence"

Spend a day in the historic university town of Cambridge. Explore its buildings and the beautiful scenery alongside the river. Don't miss punting, it's great fun and an old tradition here that allows you to pass under the Cambridge Bridge of Sighs. A visit to King's College Chapel is a must; it is a real pearl of late Gothic. While visiting the courts of ancient colleges, hear stories of the students and famous Cambridge alumni such as Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton or Steven Hawkins. The best known royal attending Cambridge was Prince Charles, Prince of Wales.

Stonehenge – "The Mysterious and Enigmatic Stone Circle"

The Stonehenge tour takes you to the South of England through Salisbury Plain to the ancient stone circle of Stonehenge. It is one of the most mysterious and atmospheric places in Europe and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its creation and original purpose remains a mystery until today. Was it the scene of druid`s magical practices, a gigantic calendar, or a solar clock? Maybe a prehistoric place of pilgrimage or an altar to carry out human sacrifices? During our tour maybe you will find the answer.

Bath – "Roman Bath and Georgian Splendour"

The golden city of Bath is one of the most beautiful English cities, built in honey coloured stone by the river Avon on the only natural thermal springs of this island. During our tour we visit the Roman Baths and have the opportunity to try the spring water. Nobody can miss the majestic Gothic style Bath Abbey and the iconic Pulteney Bridge, curiously flanked by little shops. Other city highlights are the unique Royal Crescent and Royal Circus, jewels of British architecture. Bath is extremely popular with movie makers featuring scenes from Vanity Fair, The Duchess or the Les Miserables.

Salisbury – "England's Most Spectacular Cathedral"

Be enchanted by the medieval town of Salisbury and by its impressive cathedral. The 750 years old Salisbury Cathedral boasts the tallest spire in Britain, fine English Gothic architecture and the best preserved original "Magna Carta". Ken Follet was inspired mainly by this cathedral while writing his bestseller The Pillars of the Earth. After exploring this medieval masterpiece we wander through the old cobbled streets of this fairy tale city and enjoy the views across the meadows of the river Avon, painted by the famous English painter John Constable.

Winchester – "From King Arthur to Jane Austin"

Winchester Cathedral has welcomed worshipers, pilgrims and visitors for over 1000 years. This magnificent Gothic building is home to countless treasures: the famous Winchester Bible, original choir stalls with intricate wood carvings in the form of animals and flowers, and many fine tombs of the great and the good. It is also the final resting place of Jane Austin, author of Pride and Prejudice. After exploring the cathedral we head to the Great Hall of Winchester Castle to marvel at King Arthur's Round Table. Many people identify Winchester with Camelot, King Arthur`s legendary capital city.

Leeds Castle – "The Castle of The Queens"

"The loveliest castle in the world" set in 500 acres of beautiful parkland and formal gardens, surrounded by a moat and a lake. According to an old tradition medieval Queens of England received Leeds Castle as a wedding present. During the centuries it welcomed many key figures in English history from King Henry VIII to Sir Winston Churchill. After having explored the stylish interior, take a break in the beautiful gardens or have a look at the only dog collar museum of England.

Canterbury Cathedral – "the mother church of the Church of England"

Canterbury has indeed many tales to tell. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hear the dramatic story of Thomas Becket's murder and see the exact spot where he was martyred. Learn about the miracles happened after his death and follow the footsteps of Geoffrey Chaucer's pilgrims around the charming medieval town. See some hidden gems: little half-timbered and white-washed houses, arched stone bridges above the river Stour or the famous weavers cottages.

Hever Castle – "Childhood Home of Anne Boleyn"

Discover the enchanting Hever Castle which featured as the backdrop to the love story of Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII. Hear the tales of intrigue which in the end led to her execution at the Tower of London. The castle is a romantic double-moated 13th century fortress which houses the country's best collection of Tudor portraits. Hever Castle boasts a fairy-tale setting with a spectacular selection of gardens. It even possesses its own breed of rose, the Hever Castle Rose.

Stratford-upon-Avon "Meet The Famous Playwright

This is a delightful town in the heart of England, not only for lovers of literature! It is of course best known for being the home of William Shakespeare, the world-famous English poet and playwright. A visit to the charming half-timbered house, known as the "Birthplace", is a must while in Stratford. Apart from this, four other historical houses linked with the Bard are waiting for you to explore. Stand in front of Shakespeare`s tomb and hear all about his life and incredible literary legacy.

Warwick Castle – "England's Ultimate Medieval Castle"

Step back in history in the medieval Warwick Castle and experience an era of battles, banquets and aristocratic splendour. Feast your eyes on the Great Hall and the spectacular State Rooms, and meet the Earl of Warwick, the "Kingmaker". Pop into the ghostly dungeons where prisoners were tortured or have a rest in the wonderful garden designed by England's most famous landscape architect, Capability Brown. Finally enjoy the skillful displays of medieval jousting, archery or falconry performed in full medieval attire. A perfect day filled with history.

Blenheim Palace – "Baroque Extravagance and Splendid Gardens"

Enjoy a fantastic day out visiting Blenheim Palace, birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill and home to the 11th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough. The palace is a true masterpiece of Baroque architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During your guided tour marvel at the imposing Great Hall and the beautiful State Rooms all decorated with stunning portraits, tapestries and an exquisite collection of furniture. This picture perfect British stately home sits amongst more than 2,000 acres of beautifully landscaped park and enchanting gardens offering the best setting for relaxation.

Brighton – "Britain's Favourite Seaside Resort"

PRIVATE TOUR BY CAR: Why not visit Brighton, the capital of English Riviera? The spectacular seaside palace of the flamboyant Prince Regent will delight you. It is unique in England! After the visit stroll around the old town comprised of a maze of narrow 'Lanes'. Enjoy a walk alongside the elegant beach, flanked by snow white regency stucco terraces; hear interesting tales about smugglers and pirates who once terrorized the English coast; and about the rich and famous whose favorite haunt was Brighton. Finally, your visit is made complete by free time on the pleasure pier.